A Future Somewhere is a YA romance with a touch of time-travel and my debut novel. Have an explore and make sure you check out the book trailer below.

Book Trailer for A Future Somewhere by Gideon Fields

A Future Somewhere

Max is an ordinary girl with an extraordinary problem, she suffers from panic attacks that force her back in time. Desperate to get away from a cheating boyfriend, party-girl mum and a miserable life in East London, she uses her gift to cheat her way to a fully paid place, at posh private school Cavenden.

But the first term is tough, she doesn’t fit in with the other students and she can’t keep up academically. To make things worse, her ex-boyfriend shows up and gets together with one of her classmates. Lonely, sad and desperate, Max loses control and causes a fire on the last night of term that destroys her boarding house and kills one of her classmates.

Luckily, Max panics and wakes up back at the beginning of November. Given a second chance, she’s determined not to make the same mistakes and thank Evan, the boy who lost his life saving hers.

This time around, Max opens her heart and mind and allows herself to make friendships and fall in love, but fate has a plan for us all and the fire on the last night of term is determined to burn.

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